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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Revolutionary Vision

 Now Available

    New work from the League of Revolutionaries for a New America is here. Dedicated to the legendary poet and friend, Jack Hirschman, this anthology, Revolutionary Vision (Toward the Cultural Offense), chronicles the leading social justice voices of our age, directly out of the LRNA Cultural Conference, with both poetry and prose, touching on the most important issues of today.

    Contributors include such great voices as Jack Hirschman, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Nancy Morejón, Matt Sedillo, devorah major, Michael Warr, and many more.



Order your copy today.

Only $15


In 2009 four members of the LRNA formed the

Revolutionary Poets Brigade, which multiplied

in succeeding years so that there are now 5

Brigades in the United States, 2 in France and

5 more in Italy.


Prose reportages of the activities of the people

economically is NOT enough.


Poetry is the key to the future communalizing

by way of human feelings and the heart.


It is a key to the successful educating on the

meaning of the New Class.


Because EVERYONE lives poetically within

him or her self, along with the dream of a

communist world that is the ground of the

imagination’s most affirmative dimension.

 ~ Jack Hirschman         






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