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  1. Awake is our Fate

    Trouble and pain everywhere it can be
    But no one is willing to stop and see
    Distraction reaction most certainly
    Numbs the sense of responsibility

    Poems and rhyming, oh, so happy and free
    Let’s go on an, oh, so giant shopping spree
    My favorite team, oh, what a close win
    My favorite show, oh, how it turns and spins
    Music and drugs, oh, dancing gay and with glee
    Hard and late mornings, oh, where’s the coffee?
    Movies and stars, oh, how they give me escape
    To completely forget the great human rape

    Both near and far and in our very home
    It’s time to acknowledge the chains on our bones
    The TV is bought and owned and controlled
    GMO’s in our food are hidden not bold
    All activities are tracked and cataloged
    Cause of the government’s fake terrorist fog
    War in five countries and they’re looking for more
    The waste of trillions while fucking the poor
    All money is debt owed to an oligarchy
    And we’re void of politician loyalty
    But Big Brother Obama is so freakin’ cool
    It’s hard to speak while I gawk and I drool
    But Bush, Republican, Democrat, or not
    They’re on the same team and they’re screwing the lot

    From inside the matrix it seems I’m crazy
    But boundless is my faith in humanity
    To release the fear the strangleholds our lives
    This bitter attraction to all of the lies
    To ignite the flame and passion inside
    The power of love in our heart it resides
    To recognize and affirm the god in us all
    That we’re the deciders if we fly or we fall

    So which will it be freedom or slavery?
    The choice is that serious most certainly
    Will we stand to our feet and breathe real change?
    Or will we stay in our seats for more of the same?
    I know who we are and what we can be
    So the choice for me was made quite simply

    The world it awaits for us to partake
    To create the greatest human slave escape
    The strength of our voice is all that we will need
    To nourish the soil and plant this new seed

    So first we must lose the fear of being awake
    To bring truth to the world and relieve the senseless ache

  2. An Immigrant Land

    It’s an immigrant land that stands
    and flaps its flags and wags its tongues
    at the sons of the ones who were here

    It’s an immigrant land that holds the folds
    of its banners and stammers
    its cries of bias and fear

    It’s an immigrant land that builds and fills
    the rivers and raises the dams
    to flood the blood of the wild

    It’s an immigrant land that dares put the tears
    in its flag with the fragments of war
    on the ones with the need to feed the child

    It’s an immigrant land that dangles the dreams
    to a world that unfurls to show the unfair
    then denies the cries of the ones who would stay

    It’s an immigrant land with the hand that is full
    and says to the weary worn world
    We’ll take no immigrants today