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Monday, December 30, 2019

The Feast of St. Rocco

Vagabond is proud to announce the launch of The Feast of Saint Rocco by Peter Cocuzza.

Culled from 30 years of short stories, poetry and one cookbook, The Feast of Saint Rocco is witness to the late 20th century in footstep and eye of the Autistic child of immigrants to an America at New Age crossroads. From 50’s abuse/Rock & Roll salvation – ‘wiseguy’ streets – the Newark riots – to Hippie Revolution – the story presents epiphany and redemption – Asbury Park to McLeod Ganj – under the boardwalk to Dalai Lama backyard – in Cubist stream from downtown Woodstock.

 “...a melodic, tasty, highly informative treat.”

Matthew Leone
Director, Colgate Writers’ Conference

“The autobiographical highlights of Peter’s 2015 collection, At The Hop, are explored in depth in this Feast of Heart, History and Humor.”

Anthony Krauss, Sculptor

TJ Mancini, Crossroads Entertainment

           AVAILABLE NOW   
                      ONLY $16.95
           ISBN:  978-1-936293-41-4

Peter Cocuzza is a Poet and Novelist from Newark, New Jersey.  Author of At The Hop and The Baby Huey Chronicles, his work draws on experiences growing up there through the ‘50s and early ‘60s, as well as later travels through India, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. He now resides in Woodstock, New York, where he is a member of The Woodstock Poetry Society.

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Empireid

Poetry, Literary/Historical Fiction, Mythology.

"If you’re looking for an old-fashioned adventure with the likes of the Iliad and the Odyssey, then the Empireid is for you. Filled with pirate battles on the high seas, trips to the Underworld, dealings with the gods, this story is exciting. Our hero, Horacio’s life is told through the use of terza rima’s, 17 line terza rima’s, creating an epic journey in verse. This kind of writing is obsessive, and I love obsession in art forms. This is quite a feat. Put down the remote and pick up this book. You’ll find yourself binge-reading and enjoying every minute."

~ Jane Ellen Ibur
St. Louis Poet Laureate

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(for a limited time)

“An intriguing tale that hearkens back to the days of old...”

~ Xina Marie Uhl
Historical Novel Society

Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of The Empireid, by Ilvario.

In structured form of 17 line terza rima stanzas (A-B-A, B-C-B, C-D-C, D-E-D, E-F-E, F-F), The Empireid continues the story of the Trojan line of Aeneas, from the founding of Rome to present day. Challenging war, empire and religion, The Empireid (which translates to, “The Story of the End of Empire”) follows the tale of Horacio, grandson of Venus, and last of the Trojan line, who on the eve of his thirteenth year, in 1453, the year that Constantinople fell, is sent on a quest to Hades, to free the gods of old from a trap set by Pluto, the God of the Underworld, to strip them of their powers, by placing them into an eternal sleep … that trap being monotheism.

Following history, legend and myth, this epic journey in verse weaves a tapestry of Mediterranean warfare throughout the 1460s, during the rise of the Ottoman Empire, when much of the world was still unknown, where our hero is taken captive by a band of corsairs. Raised at sea as one of their own, aboard the Crescent Moon, captained by the pirate Reis-el-Khan, Horacio grows to become a seafaring warrior entangled in the expanding wars for conquest and regional power, all the while driven to fulfill his mission, until by fate and circumstance, being made captain, he is propelled between natural and unnatural forces – a blood feud, cat-and-mouse high seas chase on one end and the ethereal forces of other dimensions, pulling and leading him to his ultimate destination … Aethalia, the Island of Venus, from where through the Enfola, the navel connecting heaven, the underworld and earth, Horacio discovers a secret entrance to Hades, and with demons at his heels, and the assistance of a few divine gifts, Horacio must navigate the labyrinth and ever present dangers of the underworld, to find and smash the Infinity Glass, using the Sword of Troy, which he has carried with him all these years, only by which he might free Saturn, the ruler of time and father to all the gods immortal … but to do so he must pay a heavy price. The total length of this epic poem is 113,000 words.

ISBN 13: 978-1936293-40-7; LCCN: 002134087; $27; 296 pages

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

EXTREME (an anthology for social and environmental justice)

You may still get copies through Small Press Distribution: https://www.spdbooks.org/Products/9781936293315/extreme-an-anthology-for-social-and-environmental-justice.aspx
Poetry. Latinx Studies. Italian Studies. Environmental Studies. This book is 8.5 x 8.5 with 25 full color illustrations. Power, it is said, never concedes a thing without a fight, we all know this to be true. The struggle seems to always be with us. This is no different. We fight, not because we want to, but because we must—our combined future and very lives depend on it. We fight as an affirmation that we believe in a better future that we have the power to bring into being. This book, EXTREME (AN ANTHOLOGY FOR SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE), comes neither at the beginning nor at the end of that struggle, but as a continuation at a critical juncture in time, bringing forth the poetic voices of today in a scope that is both American and international in the same breath, that speaks to who we are at the root of our humanity.

As poets (by which we mean all artists) our duty here is two-fold, to both speak the truth to power, of the reality of the world in which we live, and also to set loose our own imaginations, to dare to let ourselves dream of a better world and way of life that cares equally for the planet on which we live and for those who live on it, for this is how we spark the light within others to make those dreams become a reality. So yes, we do say that another world, one that is sustainable for future generations, where human rights and our ecology is restored, is not only possible, but inevitable, for it is we, those of us who are writing and reading and living these pages herein, who are going to make it happen, through the power of our words and actions.

Includes such poetic greats as Jack Hirschman, Neeli Cherkovski, Antonieta Villamil and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, to name a few.

"Prophetic poets are the courageous and compassionate vanguard of a better world to come even in our bleak time. This book keeps our flame lit and our fire burning!"—Dr. Cornel West

EXTREME (an anthology for social and environmental justice)
Order your copy today for Only $25


(Please contact directly for international shipping rates)

The Mystic Thrones of Night


“Victor Avila's The Mystic Thrones of Night is a passport to the eternal shores of the imagination. What is touched and tasted, a fragrance caught and a view from the corner of one's eye, is only a hint of the majesty that lies beyond. Here, Aztec gods mingle with Jesus Christ, offering a bounty of delights and salvation from the dread of death. Figures of the past, from the ancient to the contemporary, Archimedes, Lorca, Vallejo, and Malcolm X, inspire and accompany the poet through his paces. The Mystic Thrones of Night is filled with painful tears and urgent shouts for justice, but also of those many quiet moments; a solitary stroll at night, a meditation in a car, the precious company of a lover. Avila creates characters and weaves stories for them to breathe in; with a power that leaps off the page. When stated simply, his poems surprise with riddles, when written with eloquence, they cut through Gordian knots of truth. If you have the heart of a poet, the passion of a romantic, the faith of a philosopher, and the resolve of a revolutionary, dive deep into Avila's The Mystic Thrones of Night.”

~ David A. Romero, nationally touring spoken word artist,
author of Diamond Bars: The Street Version and Fuzhou.
 Now Available - Only $12