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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dear City Council

 Now Available! 

Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of Dear City Council, by Mark Lipman.


Do you need to dream bigger; open your eyes wider; let your imagination soar and think outside the box? Then Dear City Council is for you. In a combination of public comments, selected poems and essays, Mark Lipman weaves the story and challenges facing a modern day Mayberry, Culver City, California, as it tries to come to grip with its racist past and looming corporate future, where the land speculator is king, and Jeff Bezos rules.


At the center of this modern day dystopian nightmare, reporting in real time, the poet, Mark Lipman, calls to account in words of powerful truth, the options and alternatives this community still has before it’s too late and Culver City has just become another column in some accountant’s book.


Will Culver City find its way to reimagining public safety that puts the well being of all ahead of the status quo of policing every social woe? Will they put justice in the budget and solve homelessness, as they easily could, or will they continue to kick the can down the road? Will they up-zone to the sky and become a mini-Manhattan, or will they follow the path of true social and racial equity with a Homes Guarantee and a Green New Deal? Will the Heart of Screenland finally find its heart, or will it be lost forever?


All this and more we explore in Dear City Council, but if you want to know how the story ends... well, that’s literally up to you.  

August 1st, 2021
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ONLY $15  
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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Reimagine America


Vagabond is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of



(an anthology for the future)

 America is at a crossroads. The people have spoken and have rejected overt fascism, yet there is no going back to normal, to a world of failed policies that has pushed us to the very brink, one that continues to struggle through a global pandemic, with widespread poverty and an ever looming climate emergency. There is no time to wait to reshape our future and reimagine what America and this world around us can be.


Nationwide Launch  

January, 1st 2022


Watch our Author Reveal video here:



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Only $20 
(domestic shipping included)

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Forbidden Psalms


Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of Forbidden Psalms, by David Volpendesta, for our 2021 collection.

You can order Forbidden Psalms here:

“It’s late in the game.  A pall has settled over the crowd. Then, fresh from the bullpen of dreams, David Volpendesta strides in, a barnstormer in motley pinstripes, sporting a dozen ball caps, a halo, and a propeller.  Look!  He’s pitching with both hands at once!  Throwing beach balls and silver coins!  Outwitting reason and outrunning rhyme!  Now he’s autographing copies of Forbidden Psalms as mesmerized fans cheer wildly!”

 ~ Michael Koch


“David Volpendesta’s poems are like biting into a ripe apple. They are perfectly wet and heavy but not so weighty that you couldn’t carry one with you in a pocket.  The writing is beautiful, and also challenges the reader to engage with the life and death issues.  If poetry holds some of the answers, they may be in this book.”

~ Kim Shuck

7th Poet Laureate of San Francisco


“These psalms are more than just forbidden, they spill over into the poetic, the profane, the political, and the profound. With a diverse range of subjects, often personalities he knew, like Harold Norse and Claribel Alegría, or those who influenced his own trajectory, like Pablo Neruda and Roque Dalton, or even a psalm to a great baseball player, Ron Santo, or to a little-known Latin American poet like Alfonsina Storni. The writing is evocative, straightforward and deeply moving. A major work by a long-time poet, David Volpendesta reaches his zenith in these intense, marvelous poems turned to psalms.”

~ Alejandro Murguía

6th Poet Laureate of San Francisco

Order Forbidden Psalms today - ONLY $15


Monday, July 13, 2020



Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of ASYLUM, by Elizabeth Marino.

“You had me on ‘Contents’ – the Contents alone – I had to read it! It was an emotional ride; I felt sad, I laughed, I blushed and it hit home. I felt very  powerful – uplifting and women empowering. I loved it!”
~ Eneida Martino,
Brooklyn writer/actor, author of the novel Fashion Knitwits.

“Intensely dramatic is its imagery wording where interval haikus appear from nowhere, gasping for quick breath in the middle of all the corners of the American world, including Independence Day and the Vietnam War. Her narration is so vividly aloft that it needs down-to-earth short narrative memoirs so as to end on a high note. A must read for international readers.”
Vietnamese poet/writer, author of OM.

“Endurance can be the knife under the skirt. With this one sentence, Elizabeth Marino's Asylum warns and seduces you. To say the writing is fierce, reflective, tender, only begins to scratch the surface. She is PRESENT. She endures, she cuts to the core of oppression without rhetoric, just resonance. Asylum reveals a writer at the her personal best. In a culture built on silence and erasure, Elizabeth's work is a talisman of survival.”
~ Lisa Alvarado,
poet, author of Raw Silk Suture,
Hispanic Author of the Year, 2009/IL

"This book Asylum by Elizabeth Marino is great poetry – the kind the twenty-first century needs. I was pleasantly shocked by its incisiveness and saddened by its insights into depths... It is clear that she has learned mastery of her imagery, metaphors, metonyms, symbols; all go to make this collection a packed masterpiece that makes you gasp at its beauty and cry at its depth into the human condition in its nuances and not in its generalizations. It "irrupts" into you and refuses to leave you. My hope is that it gets many awards and is prescribed for study in universities, colleges and schools... I feel humbled to have known such a great poet."

~ Dr. Koshy AV
Assistant Professor English Department
University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Order now at a special discount and receive free shipping (Continental U.S. only) 

only $15.00

ISBN13: 978-1-936293-45-2     $16.95     72 pages    

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Role of the Revolutionary Poet


Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of, The Role of the Revolutionary Poet in Society and a Strategic Vision for the 21st Century, by Mark Lipman.

What does the future have in store? What are the possibilities to create a system that places the needs and interests of people over those of the corporations? What is the strategic vision for a People's Economy and most importantly, how do we get there? How do the poets fit into all of this? These are just a few of the questions we examine in this new groundbreaking work by revolutionary poet, Mark Lipman.

"Mark Lipman is a national treasure!!" - Dr. Cornel West

"Mark Lipman’s beautiful prose and rhythmic writing style captures the reader in a pronounced radical fashion; he does not hold back in using the love language of revolutionists, offering past and present problems with capitalism in the age of Covid-19…. His notations of identity are precise, as the white, black, brown, Asian, and indigenousness working class must be fully unified in grasping their intersectional identities, in order for them to achieve an understanding of themselves as wholly marginalized peoples who often are comprised of multiple identities: LGBTQ, people of color, women, etc.…. This work does that. A must read for the poet, working class, academic, and activist."

Edward Carson
Greater Boston Activist
Dean of Multicultural Education, The Governor’s Academy

Order your copy today at a special discount:

Only $15 (U.S. domestic shipping included.)

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Baby Huey Chronicles

Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of The Baby Huey Chronicles, by Peter Cocuzza.

 "The Trump years have thus far proven that in these United States of America, fascism arrives first as tragedy, then as farce, and finally as reality television. Peter Coco's THE BABY HUEY CHRONICLES is a collection of poetry written in defiance of these fascist times. It is the poetic expansion of the giant inflatable Trump baby, a symbol as good as any to define this absurd era we are living in. In these pages Coco simultaneously captures the dangers of the moment we are living in while simultaneously spitting in the face of it. Read this book, laugh, then cry, then fight." - Matt Sedillo

Now Available

Only $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-936293-46-9

Peter Cocuzza is a Poet and Novelist from Newark, New Jersey.  His work draws on experiences growing up there through the ‘50s and early ‘60s, as well as later travels through India, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. He now resides in Woodstock, New York, where he is a member of The Woodstock Poetry Society.

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Feast of St. Rocco

Vagabond is proud to announce the launch of The Feast of Saint Rocco by Peter Cocuzza.

Culled from 30 years of short stories, poetry and one cookbook, The Feast of Saint Rocco is witness to the late 20th century in footstep and eye of the Autistic child of immigrants to an America at New Age crossroads. From 50’s abuse/Rock & Roll salvation – ‘wiseguy’ streets – the Newark riots – to Hippie Revolution – the story presents epiphany and redemption – Asbury Park to McLeod Ganj – under the boardwalk to Dalai Lama backyard – in Cubist stream from downtown Woodstock.

 “...a melodic, tasty, highly informative treat.”

Matthew Leone
Director, Colgate Writers’ Conference

“The autobiographical highlights of Peter’s 2015 collection, At The Hop, are explored in depth in this Feast of Heart, History and Humor.”

Anthony Krauss, Sculptor

TJ Mancini, Crossroads Entertainment

           AVAILABLE NOW   
                      ONLY $16.95
           ISBN:  978-1-936293-41-4

Peter Cocuzza is a Poet and Novelist from Newark, New Jersey.  Author of At The Hop and The Baby Huey Chronicles, his work draws on experiences growing up there through the ‘50s and early ‘60s, as well as later travels through India, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. He now resides in Woodstock, New York, where he is a member of The Woodstock Poetry Society.