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Monday, April 23, 2018

Sing to Me of a World to Win

Poetry. "Henry Howard carries on the vision of Jose Marti, with this song of resistance in a time of sociopathic governance. He becomes incarnate with the person crying in the wilderness of oppression. His song is one of communion and the splendor of truth. Henry also writes with the legacy of Eduardo Galeano, telling the story simply and leaving the oppressors self condemned. His call to, 'join us' recalls the urgency of Otto Rene Castillo. While living in Guatemala on March 19, 1967, I was told of his death. He was burned at the stake following four days of torture and mutilation by the Guatemalan Army. His poetry, like that of Henry Howard's calls for a world to win through unifying poetry, love and action...resistance...So thanks very much Henry for using your great gifts once again. We hear your call to sing. May we all be part of the lyrics!"—Blase Bonpane

 "As for so many, the martyred Victor Jara changed my life with his wonderful songs of peace, justice and beauty. Henry Howard captures his spirit perfectly.  Thank you, Henry. Victor Jara, Presente!"

~ Paul Baker Hernandez

132 pages. Full color illustrations.

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