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Tuesday, August 16, 2022


 Now Available

    Vagabond is pleased to announce the launch of Freedom, by Woodrow Bailey.

    Freedom is a courageous collection that challenges what it means to be truly free in a country plagued by systemic racism, dilapidated social services, power-hungry politics, and beyond.  Each poem photographs the human experience of fighting to keep hope alive despite the painful repercussions of America's brutalities against marginalized communities. Freedom's honest poetic journalism braves the quest for a future of unshackled joy and the might to infinitely dream. Only a poet like Woodrow Bailey can turn the rage of injustice into a liberation of truth through the power of the pen.

  Available Nationally on December 1st.

 Order your copy today.

Only $15!

"Freedom is the vivid reality of under-resourced and underrepresented communities that struggle with cycles of addiction, lack generational wealth, and suffer due to numerous inequities and injustices at the hands of the systems that are supposed to protect them. Bailey puts himself at the center of witnessing individuals’ stories and telling the raw truth about the violence and lack of empathy these individuals face daily. Freedom is the American journey that we’ve been missing from history books."

Andres Sanchez
Author of This Body
"Freedom is a raw, untamed collection of exquisite poems from Woodrow Bailey, who is widely known among we poets for his love and criticism of his community.  Straddling the line between honesty and eloquence, as all poetry should, this book attests to the true meaning of Freedom, which can only be discovered if you read every line, and wrestle with every sentence. The collection is reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's album, "What's Going On" begging us to wake up from our sleep and take a critical look at the world around us, and search ourselves for the willingness to change it. If poems have the power to hold you accountable for making significant change, then these are those poems, which are full of light and sight." 
Hiram Sims 
Founder of the Sims Library of Poetry 



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