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"Mark Lipman is on the road to great things."
George Whitman, founder of Shakespeare and Company, Paris

     A remarkable collage of modern times and social upheaval.  A Stirring Underfoot will leave you craving for more.  Enter the mind of Mark Lipman, an emerging voice from within a new generation of revolutionary poets, and never look at your world the same way again.

     Published by Caza de Poesia.  $12


Biligual edition, translated into Spanish by Antonieta Villamil

     This biligual edition of classic early poetry by Mark Lipman sets the stage for the revolutionary narrative that has swept the planet in the past decade. 
     A work clearly ahead of its time, this special bilingual edition also includes the groundbraking essay, Global Economic Amnesty, which was declared the most important document to emerge from the 15th International Poetry Festival in Havana 2010, by Alex Pausides, the festival director.

Published by Caza de Poesia.  $12

edited by Mark Lipman and Jack Hirschman

     This international anthology containing works by 76 poets from 25 countries is an absolute must for any collection.  The power and importance of the selected poems can not be overstated.   This 376 page volume includes orginal works by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Luis J. Rodriguez, Jack Hirschman, Neeli Cherkovski, Matt Sedillo, Antonieta Villamil and Mark Lipman to name a few.

Published by Caza de Poesia.  $28


     Meet Matt Sedillo, one of the most intelligent poets of this generation.  The importance of his words ring with an urgency and truth that cannot be ignored in a world often blind.  His struggle is our own.  the clarity by which he cuts through centuries of misinformation is sublime.  In these pagaes he offers us a glimpse of what we, as a people, can achieve if given the chance and the courage to stand up and shape our own destinies.  For What I Might Do Tomorrow is a must read for anyone who dreams of seeing the revolution in their lifetime.
Mark Lipman, editor

"What a pleasure it is to read a poet who can set the world before you and fearlessly attack its injustices with a whole arsenal of incediary ideas, imagery, rhythms, rhymes and slant-rhymes and slang; who also proudly identifies himself as a communist and wants you to join with him as a comrade on the road of transformation.  I urge you to read this new, young poet.  Matt Sedillo is faithful to the urgency of need for revolutionary change NOW and you will become so too after the experience of this book of poems."

Jack Hirschman, former poet laureate of San Francisco
Published by Caza de Poesia.  $12

by Alfonso Gatto
translated by Jack Hirschman

     This is the first major translation of the poems of Alfonso Gatto (1909-1976), one of the most important poets of modern Italy.  Born in Salerno, he lived and wrote in cities like Florence, Rome and Milan as well, but returned many times to the Salerno he deeply loved.  He was also a painter, essayist, art critic and film actor 9he played the apostle Andrea in Pasolini's Gospel According to Matthew in 1964).
     In the 1930's he was jailed by the police as a communist, who edited a newsletter called "Liberazione" and his "hermetic" style of writing was in part intended to confound and befuddle the fascist cultural authorities during that period.  After WWII and to his death in a street accident, he lived an immensely creative life, and was honored by the most prestigious literary awards.  This book was translated during his Centennial year.
Published by Caza de Poesia.  $12

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