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Friday, March 11, 2022

Ask the Wind


“Kisses, ghosts, and memories haunt the pages of Badihian's latest book, Ask the Wind. The title suggests there is no answer to war, or if there was, the answer would be fleeting. Part of the allure of Badihian's work is in everyday objects that hold deep meaning. Her verses sing for those tilled under machines of industrial violence but do not dwell there. There is charm and beauty enough for all readers within these poems.”


~ Youssef Alaoui, Critics of Mystery Marvel



“Persia has long been lauded for its rich history of poems and poets. Yet the offspring of that legacy, the modern Iranian poets, are often not seen for the excellent work which they produce that is watered by those clear water springs. Mahnaz Badihian is one of those poets. Her newest book, Ask the Wind, is a book of depth and breadth which flows from that legacy. Travel with this poet and you will find laughter within these pages along with tears of truth over the hardships we face, along with enduring sighs at the indisputable sadness of our times, and a quiet but determined affirmation of our victories in extending concern for humanity and offerings of love. Mahnaz Badihian celebrates the strength and tenacity of others and of herself. Here there is solace, anger, rebellion, despair, celebration, and resolve. This is a book worth keeping close at hand.”


~ devorah major, 3rd Poet Laureate of San Francisco


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