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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Forbidden Psalms


Vagabond is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Forbidden Psalms, by David Volpendesta, for our 2021 collection.

Pre-order Forbidden Psalms today and receive your copy before the end of year holidays. 

“It’s late in the game.  A pall has settled over the crowd. Then, fresh from the bullpen of dreams, David Volpendesta strides in, a barnstormer in motley pinstripes, sporting a dozen ball caps, a halo, and a propeller.  Look!  He’s pitching with both hands at once!  Throwing beach balls and silver coins!  Outwitting reason and outrunning rhyme!  Now he’s autographing copies of Forbidden Psalms as mesmerized fans cheer wildly!”

 ~ Michael Koch


“David Volpendesta’s poems are like biting into a ripe apple. They are perfectly wet and heavy but not so weighty that you couldn’t carry one with you in a pocket.  The writing is beautiful, and also challenges the reader to engage with the life and death issues.  If poetry holds some of the answers, they may be in this book.”

~ Kim Shuck

7th Poet Laureate of San Francisco


“These psalms are more than just forbidden, they spill over into the poetic, the profane, the political, and the profound. With a diverse range of subjects, often personalities he knew, like Harold Norse and Claribel Alegría, or those who influenced his own trajectory, like Pablo Neruda and Roque Dalton, or even a psalm to a great baseball player, Ron Santo, or to a little-known Latin American poet like Alfonsina Storni. The writing is evocative, straightforward and deeply moving. A major work by a long-time poet, David Volpendesta reaches his zenith in these intense, marvelous poems turned to psalms.”

~ Alejandro Murguía

6th Poet Laureate of San Francisco

Pre-order Forbidden Psalms today - ONLY $15


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Reimagine America



(an anthology for the future)

 America is at a crossroads. The people have spoken and have rejected overt fascism, yet there is no going back to normal, to a world of failed policies that has pushed us to the very brink, one that continues to struggle through a global pandemic, with widespread poverty and an ever looming climate emergency. There is no time to wait to reshape our future and reimagine what America and this world around us can be.

Vagabond calls upon the poets to respond, to put your very best ideas forward, to challenge the system and help redefine what our true potential can be.

Send up to 3 unpublished poems or prose pieces (max 600 words) (Word .docx) and artwork (.jpeg) for consideration, along with a cover letter, full contact information, short bio and author photo to:


Submission deadline: 12 noon, on January 20, 2021.

To be published in the fall/winter of 2021 for national distribution. Contributors will receive 1 author/artist copy upon publication.